Healthy lighting


Handheld UV Disinfection Light

Product model:XD-SB03-1202


Important features of products
rated power:3W
rated voltage:DC6V
supply current:0.45A
operating temperature: 20°~40° operating Humidity≤80%
product size:125*35*25mm
usable area:>2000uw\cm²
light source:UV light tube

Product introduction
1.You can just press the switch button to sterilize with its Simple operation.
2.Built-in automatic safety switch, the ultraviolet lamp will automatically turn off when the tube of the sterilizing lamp is turned up in the working state. If you would like to return the state to working condition, just rotate the lamp of the disinfection lamp face down.
3.During the use of the disinfection lamp, it is strictly forbidden to directly irradiate people's eyes and skin in order to avoid unnecessary injury.
4.When not in use, turn off and close the disinfection lamp to avoid lamp damage.
AE Bella UV disinfection lamp has passed FCC and CE certification which can ensure your safety while protects your  healthy body.

Safety Precautions:
1. During use of the UV light, direct exposure to human eyes and skin is strictly prohibited, in order to avoid injury.
2.If injured, do not handle it by yourself. Please seek medical treatment immediately.
3.Long-term use of UV rays can cause discoloration of the illuminated object. Please keep your valuables such as paintings in a safe place.
4.When not in use, please turn off and close the UV light to avoid damage of the light tube.

product certification:FCC 、CE